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Organization History

Our History

With the trademark "PTTE CNG", PT T ENERGY is acompany engaged in the supply of machines and tools relating to natural gas, and the company we are also committed to being the best provider of CNG for transportation and industry needs. Through collaboration with the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta.

PT T Energy in 2011 started providing CNG beings by opening CNG Mother Station is located in Terminal Pinang Ranti busway in order to supply CNG for fleet Busway.  In 2012, PT T Energy to expand the business by entering a new world in the field of CNG Energy Trader with our holding in support of  PT Energi Kompresindo Utama and PT Pertamina Gas, as supplier of CNG for Industry needs in the region for Bitung, Cikande, Cilegon and surrounding areas.

In the future, the out look for the supply of CNG to business through the development of SPBG in new locations is a very challenging business. the fuel conversion program on public and private vehicles from diesel or petrol to gas can be realized if it can expand the market share and PT T Energy will always be ready to open new stations in strategic location in cooperation with other government and private sector.